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NASA – Johnson Space Center

Sonny Carter Training Facility –  SDIL (Software Development and Integration)

Houston, Texas


Renovation Project

6 phases
560 workstations
149 offices

This project encompassed 4 floors of building 4 South ‘The Astronauts” Building that had no been renovated in over 30 years. There were six phases so that people could still occupy the space while renovations were ongoing. The first 5 phases were workstations and offices for the Astronauts support team. The 6th floor and final phase was the actual Astronauts floor.

Teknion District (Workstations, Storage and Offices)
HumanScale (Float Table, Monitor Arms and Task Lights)
HBF (Lounge Seating)
SitOnIt (Seating)

Architecture/Design Firm
Design Daly, Providence, Utah